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Around the World

The beautiful vista of Yosemite valley in the Yosemite National Park , California, USA . The North Face is right at the back with the El Kapitan –the favourite place for the climbers form all over the world rising prominently in the foreground

The Grand Canyon National park is one of the most famous and most popular natural site in the world and is visited by millions of tourist every year . at the entrance is visible the board of us national park service which preserves and maintains these beautiful natural habitat for posterity.

Idyllwild is a beautiful hilly town in the mountains of southern California little known outside the area. an astounding fact about the town that is even less known is that the town has a friendly canine Mayor. pictured here is Mayor Max at the town center, out meeting the citizens

Deep within the jungles/ tropical rain forests of northern Gautemala, Central America lie the remanants of the city of Tikal which was the capital of the ancient Maya civilization during 7 th to 10 th centuries A.D. The grandeur of the pyramids is a testament to the architectural capabilities of the Mayans

The big apple offers so many incredible sites that it is well nigh impossible to prioritize them. that said the statue of liberty is my favourite in New York city, epitomizing the best of United States

There is no feat of human kind that is as enormous as the great wall of china . Built over centuries it runs for more than 5000 kilometers and succeeded in its purpose of preventing invasions in China Seeing it yourself is an image that lives with you forever

There are few moments as relaxing in life as picking cherries at a Ranch in the midst of other living beings . Bringing back fond memories of childhood.

Mauna Loa is the largest active volcano in the world and reaches an elevation of 13677 feet above msl and 31000 above the ocean floor, with a volume of 10000 cubic miles, making it the largest mountain on earth by far. It is classified as a Shield Volcano, a volcano with gently sloping slides resembling a warriors shield overturned. This photograph has been taken from Mauna Kea, even as a sea of clouds is spread below

Rain and sunshine play a game of hide and seek ever so often during a single day in Hawaiian Islands, USA, that they often create the magic of perfect ground to ground rainbows- sometimes two together and with the added joy of the entire spectrum being clearly visible. Trying to capture such a moment in Oahu and being captured in it myself.

It is not quiet often that a moment can be captured in which our faces have the same very expression, same very angle of the head and also that of the torso. The beauty of Jehangir Mahal in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh, India resulted in one such moment.