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Mr. Manish Shanker Sharma is a senior IPS officer and currently serves as Additional Director General of Police. Mr. Sharma holds a Masters in International Affairs and Public Policy from the University of California specializing in international security & counter terrorism. He has had a diverse experience of 25 years with the Government, having served across 4 continents. His background incorporates a unique composition of service in the fields of Law Enforcement, Counter Terrorism, Diplomacy, UN Peacekeeping in Europe and ensuring Transportation Security in India. Manish Shanker is also one of the very few experts in India who combine extensive international and national field level experience alongside outstanding international acclaim in combination with academic and scholarly work.

Furthermore, during his extensive distinguished career, Sharma has received numerous Medals and Awards for his outstanding services from the Government of India, The United Nations, Government of USA, Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and various other civil society organisations and other dignitaries. These are in recognition of his exemplary leadership, community engagement, tremendous ability in enhancing bilateral relations, courage, bravery and humility. The following is a list of various outstanding achievements of Mr. Manish Shanker Sharma-

Mayoral Proclamation Naming a Day: (2015). Mayor of San Diego Proclaimed July 20, 2015 as “Manish S. Sharma Day” to honour exemplary contribution towards enhancing India-US Relationship through engaging with the California Community

US Congressional Recognition: (2015). Awarded by the US Congress (House of Representatives) to recognize outstanding contribution to and engagement with the World Affairs Council, commitment to engaging with the region on important global affairs and continued international and local advocacy

United Nations Peace Medal: (1998). Awarded for outstanding services rendered on behalf o the international community as an international peace keeper contributing to bringing peace in the war ravaged nation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Simhastha Jyoti Medal: (2005). Awarded for services rendered in successfully organizing the Simhastha (Kumbha) mela, the largest religious gathering of any kind in the world during his tenure as Chief of Police in Khandwa.

Title of Honorary Mayor of City of Baton Rouge: (2001). Appointed by the Mayor-President of the city and also handed over the symbolic keys to the city hall.

Chief Minster’s Commendation: (2000). Awarded for displaying exemplary leadership and extraordinary investigation qualities thereby resulting in saving the Government of Madhya Pradesh- a revenue loss worth several million Dollars.

Director General Police Commendation Certificates:
(2003) for introducing the innovative health card scheme of every police officer
(2002) for innovation in policing methods (twarit chikitsa sahayata abhiyan)
(2000) Awarded for detecting procedure whereby prisoners under trial were opening their handcuffs without keys and consequently escaping
(1999) for maintaining communal harmony in extremely adverse circumstances,
(1995) for displaying gallantry and bravery by organising the surrender of an armed murderer.

Appreciation letters:
(1998) Awarded for services by the Federal ministry of Interior of Bosnia and Herzegovina, by
(2000) the Consul General of Japan, and by
(2003) the State Government of Madhya Pradesh for successful conduct of elections

Mr Sharma currently serves as Inspector General of Police in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh for the Special Armed Force where he supervises administration, training, operations and human resources of 20000 personnel of the force. As IGP in MP, Sharma has been instrumental in introducing several key initiatives that have enhanced the provision of law enforcement services to the citizenry. While serving as IG Intelligence he is credited with the introduction of e-reporting of crimes and the introduction of quick response teams in Railway security. He played a key part in the development of “targets” to generate invaluable sources of information in intelligence gathering apparatus of the state. He has also earned wide/high regard for introduction of several welfare measures for the benefit of the lower levels of the police force.

Mr Sharma was earlier handpicked by the Government of India to serve from 2008-2011 as a trade diplomat for India where as the Director Tea Promotion, Tea Board of India, based out of Dubai, UAE he oversaw a vast area spanning two continents- West Asia and Africa . He was the CEO for the West Asia and North Africa Region including South Africa and Pakistan. Mr Sharma's responsibility of operation covered 22 countries of the region. During this period, Indian commodity exports to the region saw a phenomenal rise. He also successfully showcased India in its entirety- cultural, cuisine, fashion across several capitals- Dubai, Johannesburg, Istanbul as part of “India Shows” of the Ministry of Commerce. His dynamism and innovation led The Economic Times to observe that perhaps for the first time ever the Public Sector had completely overshadowed the private sector in dynamism and vibrancy. Sharma’s outstanding performance in the show was an example where the Government could outshine private companies in drawing people to its stands.

He previously served as Director Security in the Airports Authority of India, and was responsible for co-ordinating and overseeing implementation of security measures at over 100 Airports. Under his dynamic leadership, the National Civil Aviation Security Training Program for India was designed and then adopted at all airports in India. Manish also played a significant part in the preparation of the Anti hijacking policy of the Government of India. Earlier to this assignment he has served as Chief of Police (Superintendent) of 4 districts in India and with the United Nations Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina (UNMIBH) in 1997-98 as a part of the UN Peace Keeping Forces. In an outstanding achievement he trained the federal and canton police and judiciary of the country in transition, democracy, and human rights on behalf of the international community and went on to then establish the first ever National Police Academy of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He played a crucial role in introducing the concept of democratic policing in a civil war torn society. His monumental and outstanding efforts in transforming what was a war torn, factionalism riven force into a modern democratic police were awarded by the Bosnian Government.

Manish Shanker has represented India at a number of international events and numerous speaking assignments on various subjects across the globe and in India. While in the USA he was invited to speak at the University of San Diego, University of California San Diego, The Osher Institute, US Foreign Services Retirees Association and other platforms. In India has been invited to speak at the country’s largest ever gathering on Counter Terrorism that was inaugurated by the President of India and amongst other speakers were the Prime Minister of Afghanistan, Foreign Minister of Bangladesh, Home Minister and National Security Advisor of India, megacities security conference in Bombay, Aligarh Muslim University, Manipal University and numerous other places. Furthermore, he has served on various committees and panels of the Government of India including those on Counter Terrorism, AVSEC manual group, development of norms for deployment of security forces at airports, Central Purchase Committee of the MP Police, Committee on advising the Government on issue of Handcuffs etc. Mr. Sharma has also served on the Editorial Advisory Boards of the magazine Aviation Security International London and of various educational institutions. Mr Sharma also has had the distinction of being deputed as an Election Observer for the Election Commission of India.

Over the course of his career, Sharma has honed his skills at the University of California, Cambridge University, Seton Hall University of the USA, Louisiana State University, US Department of State, US Department of Justice, UK Department of Transport, International Civil Aviation Organisation and other institutions.

Mr Sharma has been featured and covered in various magazines and newspapers across the Globe and in India. He loves listening to traditional Indian classical and devotional music and has extensively travelled across several continents.