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My Mantra for Life

Is to be happy, contended and satisfied after putting in my best efforts in striving for successs


I have always believed that first and foremost duty of every officer of the civil services of India should be to serve the nation and the society and I have always strived to follow the above principle...

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Honors and Achievements

It has been an absolute honour to represent the country, the service and the state when invited to speak at international and national conferences, universities and colleges, several of which have been excellent platforms for listening, learning and sharing ...

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Around the World

“The World and life itself is like a book and those who do not travel , read only one page”. This anonymous qoute not only signifies the importance of the learning , wisdom and, experiences that travel provides but also provides a glimpse of life and its myriad of colours in all its dimensions. It also adds to personality of an individual as he gains knowledge of other societies ,cultures and religions.

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Academics & conferences

Mr Sharma strongly believes that original ideas and concept need sustained academic and scholarly rigour to emerge as necessary practical and workable solutions for the issues confronting our society .. Internationals and National gatherings provide platforms for such deliberations

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In the Media

Effective communication is crucial to success in one's endeavours and in connecting with the larger society. There is indeed no better medium to achieve this than the media. It constantly and simultaneously plays the role of facilitator, regulator, feedback provider and critic all at the same time and has been my constant companion through thick and thin over the years.

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Mr. Sharma has put in his own humble efforts by way of writing articles, delivering keynote addresses and other speeches across the world , serving on the board of directors of various international organizations and educational institutions and by reaching out to and engaging with people eighteen to eighty years old among various cultures.

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History has always fascinated me and in my travels across the world I have seen and believed that those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat their mistakes//…… it gives a sense of perspective and understanding of a particular place or a region and its my motto to become aware about the history of the place before visiting it.

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In every single place and in every single human being in the world lies beauty whether explored or unexplored and the best way to express it is to capture it through the lens. A passion for me that has grown across four continents and over fifty countries...

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Message from Me

My outlook towards life has been shaped to a great degree by my experiences in public service as well as my interest in international and world affairs. I have indeed been fortunate that my career has enriched me both professionally and personally and has at the same time also provided me with an opportunity to work in various regions of the world and within many different cultures and people. This has resulted in meaningful international experiences for me through playing numerous different roles - first as part of the UN peacekeeping forces in Eastern Europe, then as a Diplomat on assignment as head of the West Asia and North Africa Region for the Indian Ministry of commerce to promote India's trade in tea, and as a senior law enforcement officer. I have gained immensely from each of these assignments and they have in many ways also shaped me. Furthermore, the varied experiences have made me a better human being in the process- receptive to different views and sensitive to various traditions and cultures.

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