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In every single place and in every single human being in the world lies beauty whether explored or unexplored and the best way to express it is to capture it through the lens. A passion for me that has grown across four continents and over fifty countries...

Many parts of our planet are a creation of huge volcanic eruptions over the year, among them the big Hawai island is one such that witnesses regular eruptions from the largest and most active volcano on the earth –the Kilauea caldera. the picture shows lava from recent eruption that has solidified during its journey to the pacific ocean.

Few places in India surpass the serenity resulting from the crystal clear waters of the Betwa river silhouetted against the magnificient temples of Orchha in Madhya Pradesh just before sunset

Arguably the element with the most enormous power to change the face of the planet is water and one becomes more convinced after witnessing the 277 mile long, 1.5 mile deep and 8 miles wide grandeur of the Grand Canyon in Arizona of U.S.A. where the Colorado river has created various shapes and colors over hundreds of millions of years

The beautiful shades of yellow , orange and red covered sky as the sunsets totally just before going to the other side to rise as the new dawn of the other half of the world -- Every one of us has our favourite sunset point and so do I . Mine is the La Jolla shores in San Diego California U.S.A where the sun leaves a brilliant orange hue as the backdrop of the Pacific ocean even as it is visible only as a thin line moments before another part of the world witnesses a sunrise

Deep within the jungles/ tropical rain forests of northern Gautemala, Central America lie the remanants of the city of Tikal which was the capital of the ancient Maya civilization during 7 th to 10 th centuries A.D. The grandeur of the pyramids is a testament to the architectural capabilities of the Mayans

Smile of a child is the undoubtedly the most beautiful thing in the world wether it is the smile of chinese or indian or as in this picture a Guatemalan girl near the historical Spanish town of Antigua . Mother and child is perhaps the most beautiful relationship in the world and the woman represents strength and compassion at the same time, all the while taking care of her home or office in addition.

There is no feat of human kind that is as enormous as the great wall of china . Built over centuries it runs for more than 5000 kilometers and succeeded in its purpose of preventing invasions in China Seeing it yourself is an image that lives with you forever

The beautiful replica of the colourful


Eye in the Sky

It is extremely difficult if not impossible to capture an entire volcano, and a city and clouds and the ocean in one single frame- all of which appear in early morning light while taking off from Honolulu to the Big Island.

The Sun shines as a star –litreally and visualy- just before setting in the sea of clouds below me as I stand on the top of mount Monakea